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Anyone who has ever bought a new appliance or has had to replace an old one knows how hard instillation can be. Yes, you can spend hours doing it yourself, but why? There are many affordable professionals who can easily install your new appliance is much less time then you can!

The Cons of Do it Yourself

Yes, installing your own appliances might seem easy and more affordable. However, there are several cons to DIY that make the price of a professional installer completely worth the money. These include:

  • Time: You are going to waste hours trying to install this new appliance. You are going to have to read every instruction multiple times because you have not been trained and any confusion results in a loss of time.
  • Bigger Margin For Error: When you DIY there is a HUGE margin for error! Although you may not hurt or break the new appliance, there is a big chance that you could hook it up wrong and that it will not work.
  • Money Down The Drain: After spending hours trying to hook up a new appliance there is always the chance you are going to get stuck and need to hire someone to come in and fix it anyway! If you’ve accidently hurt the appliance in anyway it will cost you more to have a professional come out and do it. At this point it has just become a waste of both time and money.

Benefits of a Professional Installation

Having professional who has been trained to install appliances is going to have certain benefits. These include:

• Time Saved: You save time because you are not installing. Someone professional can probably have the appliance installed much more quickly than you can. Also, you can do things around the house while the person is there; so you have no time wasted in your day!
• Saves Money: Having someone professional come in from the beginning is one flat rate. DIY can easily hurt an appliance if you don’t know what you’re doing; and that’s when it gets pricy. So, just skip all of that and pay the single fee for the professional to come in.
• No Effort: There is absolutely no effort on your part when someone professional comes in. You simply have you appliance delivered and then set an appointment for the installer. Then, you just have to wait until they get there and install the appliance. You don’t have to buy tools or spend time on your hands and knees. The professional can do all the hard work and you can simply enjoy your new appliance.
Getting a professional to install a new appliance is your best course of action. Find someone who is going to do the best job for you and your family. It will save you time and money; and you will be able tot enjoy your new appliance much sooner than if you did it yourself!

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Laundry Appliance Installations

Free Standing
Installation of 1 x unit                …………………  R 450.00

Additional installation per unit ……………….  R 150.00
Excludes external ventilation of dryers
Excludes additional material/spares
Callout within 30 km radius

R450.00Add to cart

R150.00Add to cart

Terms and Conditions:

Customer to provide water point and waste outlet.

Customer to have electric points provided.

No alterations to appliances or cupboards without prior consent from customer.

Additional charges apply.

Fridge Installation A

Installation of:

1 x Unit Back To Back   ……………………..    R650

Water point and stop valve provided by the customer

Callout within 30 km radius

R650.00Add to cart

Terms and conditions

Customer to provide water point with stop valve behind fridge.

Installation Only – Provide for fridges without plumbing

Fridge Installation B

Installation of:

1 x Unit back to Back   ………………………  R 1450.00

Water point and stop valve provided by the customer.

Connect to existing water supply within 5 meters from fridge

Callout within 30km radius

R1,450.00Add to cart

Terms and Conditions:

Customer to provide water point with stop valve

Customer to provide electrical point behind fridge.

Oven/Hob/Cooker Hood

General Removal and RE-Fit  …………………………………..   R 950.00

Callout within 30km radius

R950.00Add to cart

Terms and Conditions

Additional costs will be added to ANY cutting of granite/formica counter tops or cupboard alterations.

Connection to existing power source only.

Additional work will be quoted accordingly.

Visor Extractor Fans will be re-circualted only.

Charcoal filters to be supplied by the customer.

GAS Installation

Cupboard Installation of:

1 x 9kg Gas Bottle Only  ………………………… R 1450.00

Callout within 30 km radius

R1,450.00Add to cart

Terms and Conditions:

Customer to supply 1 x 9 kg cylinder

Installer to Supply:

2 meter LPG hose

2 x Hose Clamps and Bullnose low pressure regulator.

Certification to be issued only if cupboard doors are ventilated.

Installer CAN supply this service at an additional cost.

AIR Conditioning

Installation of:

Mid wall split air-con (Inverter Unit)      ………..   R 1950.00

Callout within 30 km radius

R1,950.00Add to cart

Terms and Conditions:

Customer to supply electrical point.

Installation includes 1 meter copper pipe.

Removal of existing unit and additional work to be quoted accordingly


Quoting and Call Out Only    ………………………….  R 400.00

Callout within 30 km radius

R900.00Add to cart

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