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You may feel less concern about your home or office requirement for cooling and heating solution, however, is that actually a great idea? If it were your car, would you keep driving it up until it exploded?

Running a system without a maintenance check could only mean you’re hell- bent on  driving it right into the ground early. On top of that, it sets you back even more to run, due to the fact that it needs to compete with filthy filters as well as components that should be oiled, tightened up, or filled up.

This is where we come in.

We are Servisure Heating and Air Conditioning Company that provides top quality services for your cooling and heating needs. Our exceptional service delivery in term of replacement, installation and maintenance has  made us our clients’ greatest champion and has continued  to endear us to so many.

Acquiring expert cooling and heating solution via a qualified professional is as important as maintaining your air conditioner system running in an excellent order.

At Servisure, we understand this and we have tuned points up to make sure that every little thing could perform at its most effective state, along with detecting issues that you really did not know existed. This suggests you will certainly save on cash on your power expense, along with conserving cash on even pricier repair services.

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Servisure Air-con Installations

We South Africa’s finest and best brand in the cooling and heating business not just because we pride ourselves on the quality of services we provide, but because we have gone that extra mile to ensure that our customers get the best value for money.

If you have recently acquired an air conditioning system, next is to find an installation company that does a good job.  Servisure is your one-stop company in cooling and heating business that takes away any kind of sweltering and also excruciating days or evening in the future.

We prosecute our installation services with a team of highly competent professionals.

Whether you have actually been looking for a product to change your old home appliance or for a device to make use of that can help cool off your surroundings, Servisure will always be there to meet your needs.

We  assist you to locate the most effective air conditioner for your house that is fairly valued. We also provide expert advice and clarifying the distinctions in between the products that are readily available and  make you much more familiar with exactly how the air conditioner system in your house works. When you have a much better understanding of this system, you will certainly have the ability to utilize it much more successfully.

Servisure ensure that  every little thing is attached, appropriately so you do not need to fret about high-energy costs.

Our services are:

  • Executing seasonal upkeep
  • Transforming the filters
  • Cleansing your interior as well as exterior system
  • Including Cooling agent to your system
  • Setting up brand-new a/c systems
  • Changing coils, condenser followers, as well as air users
  • Addressing a/c systems
  • Transferring exterior systems




The fact is that the air conditioner is just one of the most complicated appliance you will certainly possess in your property, making it among one of the most hard- to- fix. Once a  little error, you can wind up with an entirely damaged appliance,   that would certainly need you to call a specialist anyways. Instead of risking it, why not call Acme and leave the rest to us.

We take from you’re the headaches  and troubles  that might arise in the course of installing your air conditioner system and replace it with an experience you will relish for a long time to come.

The  relationships we have established  with manufactures over the year have proven to be worth the effort. Hence, we are constantly on top of the industry with regards to latest happenings and technological innovations to the advantages of our highly esteemed customers.

Whatever is your requirement,or maybe you’re on a shoestring budget,Acme will be there to provide a unique air conditioning service  every time  you call on us.

Our provision of top notch maintenance services after installation to to ensure the smooth running of your appliance  through our team of highly qualified engineers is second to none.

Our services are as follows:

  • Wall surface as well as Flooring Mounted Equipments
  • Ducted and also Ceiling placed Equipment
  • Split, Multi, VRF as well as VRV Equipments
  • Air Handling Units Layout as well as Installment