Extended warranties

We ensure for our demanding clients:

Custom developed programs which satisfy their needs are are refined after review meet business trends & competitive factors. Extended warranty solutions for maximizing after-tax cash flow & after-tax income, reducing balance sheet liabilities and enhancing brand and customer satisfaction. Our primary focus is supplying expert extended warranty consultants in every retail outlet across the country.

With a variety of programs to serve the needs of our target market, Servisure excels in responding to and understanding the needs of businesses. Offering a turn-key plan or a customized approach, Servisure is certain to have just the right program fit for your business. Programs offered:

  • – Service Protection AdvantageSM
  • – Original Equipment Manufacturer Warranty
  • – Home Warranties
  • – Extended Service Protection Plans

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Servisure covers a large and varied group of industries, a sample, but not all-inclusive list of business types is:

  • – Power Tools
  • – Jewelry
  • – Furniture
  • – Yellow Goods
  • – Computers, Peripherals & Accessories
  • – Fitness Equipment
  • – Appliances

Extended Warranties Dion

Extended Warranties Makro